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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is masternode?

       Masternode is a part of coin’s network that participate in verifying blockchain. Basically it is a big amount of coins that allows your wallet to become a masternode. Depending on coin half or even more of block’s reward split between masternode owners. There are a lot of coins that are using masternode system. The most famous one is Dash. Masternodes are the best way to guarantee yourself a passive income.

  • What is masternode share?

       If you do not have enough coins to start full masternode you can buy a share of it. Share is a part of masternode that allows you to get rewards. Profit depends on percentage of your share. If you invested 100 coins into masternode that costs 1000 you will get 10% of all rewards.

  • How does Midas work?

       Midas provides all kind of services to people who want to invest coins in masternode. Our mission is to create a stable profitable platform for hosting shared masternodes. The algorithm is simple, you and other investors are sending us coins, we install a masternode for a 5% reward fee.

  • How much can I earn?

       Profit depends on few things. Each coin has a different return of investment and block rewards. The price of currency can rise and fall also. So the profit may vary from 30 to 300 percent per month.

  • What should I do to join Midas?

       Right now we are developing Telegram bot for automation of our services. But you can join our project in pre-launch state and buy yourself a shared masternode simply by joining our discord.

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